17 April 2008

I-Go Car Sharing Prices

Soon after I moved to Chicago my trust old Subaru became much less trusty. I didn't want to buy another car so I joined I-Go Carsharing and ditched the junker. Since I joined they have gone though a few different fee structures and added tax. Overall I'm really pleased with the service and the cars but I have always felt like there was a need for better reporting on what the different vehicles cost per hour is. So I made a chart of the GO standard rates.

Weekday/HrWeekend/hrNight24 HrsPrice Tier

Night is midnight to 6:00am and the tiers are for specific locations not specific vehicle vehicle type.

Vehicles in each tier:

A*: Civic Hybrid, Fit, xB, Matrix, Prius, and Element
B: Civic Hybrid, Civic, Fit, xB, Matrix, and Prius
C: Civic Hybrid, Civic, Fit, xB, Matrix, and Prius
D: Element
E: Sienna

* Tier A is identical to tier B except for the price of a 24 hour reservation. On April 17, when I checked, that pricing tier applied only to these vehicles:

4479 xB
4518 Fit
4416 Element
4549 Civic Hybrid
4491 Prius
4539 Fit
4538 Matrix

I only have a GO Standard membership so I cannot post the prices of the other plans.

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