12 January 2008

Bank of America? Not My America

So I have an issue with Bank of America. I need to speak with a customer support person due to a problem syncing with Quicken. I have been on hold FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF and have not yet spoken to the person in web support. The initial customer support person I spoke with was nice enough and was available after a short wait. She transfered me to Quicken banking support an hour and a half ago. Such BS!!!! Bank of America? If this is America I'm moving.

Update: After over two hours on hold I finally spoke to a person. Turns out BoA does not support Quicken Direct Connect if you have a Mac. Every account I have with other financial institutions supports Direct Connect for Mac so BoA must not care to have Mac user's business. I canceled the card.

Here is my conservation with the BoA guy: (I edited out the two hours of hold music. Also, I initially sound like kind of an idiot and can't formulate a coherent sentence. I think two hours of that music made me dumber.)

Note: Direct Connect is a feature in Quicken, since about 2001, that allows the software to download transactions without logging in through the bank's web site. BoA does support Quicken Web Access so you can download your transactions once a month after your statement has closed. This is not very user friendly and defeats the purpose of tracking account balances in Quicken

Note 2: This card was an LL Bean credit card. LL Bean has always had top notch customer service. It is suprising that a company who takes such pride in its customer relationship would partner with Bank of America to handle its branded credit card.

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