10 January 2008

Best Buy is a Bitch

I needed a last minute gift for someone and on my way to see them I stopped by Best Buy. I had been given a heads up that this person had just received a new iPod Nano and could use a case for it. After looking over the selection and getting over the fact that $0.27 worth of molded plastic can retail for $24.99 I decided on the DLO HybridShell for the Nano. I gave it as a gift and all was well in the world.

When I got home I looked up the DLO website just to see what they might have for PSP and noticed that the DLO HybridShell for Nano is listed with a MSRP of $19.99. Now, I know that Best Buy is almost never the cheapest place to buy things, but more that MSRP? I checked the Best Buy website and there it is listed for $19.99. WTF? I called the store and where I made my ill fated purchase and they were more that happy to "price match" to the $19.99 price after checking on their computer with bestbuy.com and refunded me the difference to my credit card over the phone. I asked the clerk why would you need to price match with Best Buy, wouldn't the price just be the same? She had no idea why and did mention that this particular item had been $24.99 since November.

I know that it is five measly dollars, it just really gets me when retailers try to pull this kind of BS. I can almost hear the MBA douche with a pie chart showing the cost/benefit analysis of jacking up the price on iPod accessories. He probably got a raise. It would be nice to just feel like I can trust a business to sell me product with out playing games.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with Best Buy?

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