06 January 2008

Obama better canidate the Clinton

This video demonstrates why I think Sen. Hillary Clinton is not the right person for the Democrats in 2008. While both Obama and Clinton have good numbers with Democrats, the presidential election is won or lost by how the independents vote. Obama draws in the independents and Clinton doesn't.

I watched the entire debate online with the focus group numbers overlay and almost every time Clinton had an opportunity to talk the independent trend line dropped markedly. For all of the other Democratic canidates the trend lines track much closer together, and Obama often had the independent line above the Democratic one!

That said I felt that all of the Dems ranked head and shoulders above the GOP field. It was striking to see the lineup from both parties debate back-to-back. The Dems focused on the big issues that our country is facing while the Reps were constantly mired in boutique conservative issues.

With the new CNN-WMUR poll showing Obama with a ten-point lead over Clinton (39% to 29%) it could be a very short primary season for the Democrats in '08. What do you think?

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